Mangrove Environmental Awareness Project

I have been working on an environmental outreach project the past few days in Bayabas, a municipality in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao. I was invited to come here and photograph their mangroves and other coastal vegetation for a local photo exhibit. This public exhibit will be used to help educate residents about the importance of their mangroves and coastal resources. I had a very nice stay in Bayabas and my hosts were very gracious and took well care of me. Thank you Jude, Babie and Nonong. I will not be around for the opening of the exhibit, but I hope the images I was able to capture will bring awareness in one way or another.

When I wasn’t in a boat or swimming around in the mangroves I took time to take some portraits. It’s been great to cruise around on a motorcycle again and enjoy the simplicity of life outside the city.

I am now in General Santos and I’m looking forward to the next few days of exploring the area and eating good seafood.

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Posted on: Jun 25, 2010