The Power of Photoshelter

I’ve recently signed up for a PhotoShelter Personal Archive account. I have been wanting to do this for some time now and finally made it a point. For the past month I have been uploading images to my new account and adjusting to my newly improved workflow. Only after a month of working with Photoshelter its painful to look back at all the work I used to do on my old website. I’d spend countless hours working on improving my SEO, adjusting my site design and configuring my ecommerce for prints and licensing. Photoshelter streamlines all of this allowing more time for the photographer to be out shooting. I am simply amazed at the number of options you are given. I have decided to use a Graph Paper Press WordPress theme that is compatible with Photoshelter for the design of my new site. Although some html adjustments are necessary, it’s nothing compared to what I used to do with Gallery2. Graph Paper Press offers around eight different themes that are Photoshelter compatible. If you see the gallery section of my site you will see how Photoshelter embeds beautifully into the new theme. If you cannot already tell I am very excited about now being a Photoshelter user.

Photoshelter User Backend

Things I find Photoshelter extremely useful for:

– It’s now my online photo storage service to protect my archive in case something terrible happens to my hard drives. Peace of mind that my important images are safe.
– I can export my images direct to Photoshelter from Lightroom with all the necessary metadata, titles, tags, etc.
– Auto-Fulfillment of print and licensing orders with three different companies. I can be miles away from a computer and don’t have to worry about missing a sale.
– Easy and professional integration into my WordPress website.
– Ability to create galleries for editors and clients that are secure and easy to manage.

Because of my new website design and Photoshelter account I am planning on making regular (well two to three times a month) blog posts. I am excited about my new website design being able to show larger images. I think this alone will make blogging more enjoyable. I’m still in the process of uploading images to my Photoshelter archive, so please check back to see what new images will be arriving.

If you are thinking about signing-up I highly recommend it. You can save $30 by using the following code (JA7MA9LN89) when registering or follow this link:

Photoshelter Export Dialog Box for Lightroom

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Posted on: May 25, 2010