Oman and my Introduction to the Middle East

Oman, UAE

Oman is a place I knew very little about before making my way across the UAE border into this fascinating country. Without much research or even much of a plan, I purchased tickets into Dubai with the idea of finding an ideal place to explore in the Middle East. Oman somehow seemed like the most logical choice because of its proximity to Dubai and I had no desire to spend three weeks solely in the UAE. Not without its challenges (complicated visa stuff), my wife and I finally made our way over the border with our rental car and camping equipment which would serve us well for the next few weeks.

Our time in Oman was a refreshing change of atmosphere for us and was filled with many unforgetful interactions with its people. The Omanis are beautiful and welcoming and seemed to always want to help out in whatever way they could. The more we slowed down and talked with people the more opportunities that opened up. I clearly understand why Oman is becoming a popular destination among travelers and why it’s starting to appear on many of the top travel lists. It’s friendly and charming people, diverse environments, and rich history makes it an ideal (and extremely safe) spot in the Middle East.

An unplanned trip like is often rewarding in its own way and it certainly was for this adventure. This is a country I hope to get back to again and I keep saying it would be a great place to travel with children. That will have to be the next trip!  

A group of Omani farmers greet each other in the Western Hajar Mountains.
Sunrise over Muscat, Oman's capital city.
Fishermen preparing their gear in the coastal town of Sur.
Omani girl.
A camel being transported during a dust storm in the Wahiba Sands.
Men having tea at a festival outside of Muscat.
Two men emerge in the abandon Al Hamra village, Hajar mountains.
Morning mist on the Wahiba Sands.
An Omani child enjoying the sand dunes.
Omani children playing on sand dunes with their 4-wheel vehicle.
Soccer playing on the coast of Muscat.
Grand Mosque in Muscat.
An Omani man on the outskirts of Muscat.
Locals at the weekly livestock market in the city of Nizwa, Western Hajar Mountains.
Omani farmers at a Date Palm seed pod auction at Nizwa Souk, Hajar Mountains.
Weekly livestock auction in the city of Nizwa, Western Hajar Mountains.
The fresh water of Wadi Bani Khalid.
The fishing town of Sur as night falls.
A fisherman waiting to offload his catch in the town of Sur.
Sunrise near the Wahiba Sands.
Omani children taking photos along the coast in Muscat.
A boy prays next to a camel outside of Muscat.
Coffee shops like this one are on almost every corner in Oman.
Portrait of an Omani man.
Youth playing soccer in a small community of the Western Hajar Mountains.
Men chanting at a festival outside of Muscat.
A dirt road leading into the Hajar Mountains.
Farmers gather near Al Hamra in the Western Hajar Mountains.
Landscape inside the Wahiba Sands.
A fishing boat travels along the coast.
The town of Sur from above.
A man transports his camels through the desert.
Camel auction in Nizwa.
Another day comes to an end, Hajar Mountains.
Men having tea on a side street of Old Dubai, UAE.
Old Dubai, UAE.
Grande Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Sunset in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Portrait of Ali, a man from the Emirates of Fujairah, UAE.
Grande Mosque in Abu Dhabi at dusk, UAE.

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Posted on: Apr 1, 2015