Photographing Food Markets

I like to venture into wet markets to photograph all the exotic foods I see. I live in in Cebu City, Philippines, but I never get tired of going to the market and seeing what new foods I can find. Just when I think I have seen everything, I find new images to take. I love to see food in its raw form and everything is so fresh. The fruits, vegetable, meats and seafood.

I also enjoy walking around the markets because of the people I see there. It is a common place for people to gather and makes a great place to photograph faces and people doing ordinary life activities. Everything in the market environment makes for great photography. I am fortunate enough to live only 30 minutes from a good size wet market in Cebu City. I like to go down at least once every two weeks and take photos. I feel alive and I’m always surprised to see what images I able able to capture, always different. I try to get there in the morning when the light is not too harsh and people are bustling with the start of a new day. Additionally, in the morning harvests have just arrived from the provinces and seafoods are fresh from the fishing boats.

I would encourage travelers to venture into the markets and spend some time there. Sit down at a local stall and have a cup of coffee watching all the activity around you. If you are into photography you will be sure to get some good images. I like to use a 60mm macro lens for up-close shots of the food and a wider lens for photographing people, etc. You will be sure to find some exotic foods to eat too if you are into that. Enjoy.


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Posted on: Jun 8, 2009